& Regulations
a. Participants are Indonesian Citizens and Foreigners Citizens.
b. Participants minimum age is 12 years old.
c. For Family Run category, 1 kid allowed to join with the minimum age of 7 - 11 years old, and must have 1 adult companion.
d. Age accuracy will be seen on the day of the event

A. General Rules
1. Participants will be able to regist start from 1 July - 11 August 2024.
2. Fill the registration form with actual data according to Identity Card (KTP/SIM/Passport) is mandatory. And it's not allowed to use initial name.
3. Registration data's that participants filled, such like; name, category, gender, T-Shirt size, are not able to change or replace after registration process completed.
4. Participants must complete the payment according to the price of selected category until payment status shows settlement and received registration confirmation email maximum 1x24 hour after registration (if participants didn't receive the email, please check your junk/spam/promotion folder).
5. If payment method interrupted or accidentally closed the payment pop-up, registration process should be repeat until completed.
6. Participant can register for one category only.
7. This event is fun activity, there is no prize for the podium.
8. The organizer have rights to close or extend the registration period without prior notice, if the participants capacity considered sufficient.
9. By registering, participants are deemed to agree to all the rules and regulations drawn up by the organizers.

a. Race pack can be collect by participants individually or representative on 16-17 August at Pakuwon Mall Yogyakarta.
b. Race pack collection can only be done according to time and location as informed.
c. The presence of participants when collecting race packs is mandatory. If participant don't attend, his/her participation will terminate.
d. Another person can represent race pack collection by bringing Power of Attorney Letter, identity card, and a copy of run participant identity card.
e. The Power of Attorney Letter format can be downloaded here.
f. One Power of Attorney Letter can represented 3 run participants.
g. All participants will get race pack contain of; Jersey, Goodie Bag, and BIB Number.

A. General Rules
1. Participants must follow sport rules in this new normal period and all instructions and guidelines given by the organizer.
2. Cut-off times for each category are: 1 hour for 3K Family Run, 1 hour for 5K Run.
3. The organizers have rights to use photos or videos of participants participation without limitation of time.
4. The organizers are only responsible for providing first aid and escorting to the nearest hospital, if an accident/injury occur in the event.
5. For participants that have congenital disease, bring own medication is mandatory (i.e., inhaler)
6. Participants that need further aid (intensive) for an injury is responsible for themselves.
7. Parent or companion of kids are responsible for all things happen related to kids (especially kids injury/accident).
8. The safety and security of individual belongings during this event is the responsibility of the participants and the organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to goods in any form.
9. Animals, bicycles, in-line skates, strollers, shoes with built-in rollers or other wheeled aids are not permitted on the route.
10. Participants will uphold sportsmanship during the activity and are committed not to do things that harm other participants.
11. Participants should know and run according to the determined route.

B. Jersey and BIB Rules
a. Wearing the jersey that organizers already provided is highly recommended.
b. BIB Number is the participant chest number used in front of Jersey for being clearly visible.
c. For the family package, Parent/Companion who join the race should wear the same BIB Number (Chest Number) with Kids participants.
d. Registration and BIB Number can not be transferred or sold to other party/person.
e. Selling or transferring BIB Number to other party/person will be disqualified and/or banned for each participant to participate for the next event.

All the finishers of 3k family and 5k run categories have the right to get the medal within the allotted time for each category.

A. Deposit Goods Rules
1. Crews only served the deposit goods at 04.00 - 09.00
2. Participants are not allowed to deposit luxury goods to goods counter provided by the organizers.
3. Participants who deposit/take goods from the deposit counter should show BIB Number to the crew and fill the deposit goods form.
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